Touring the Interior of the church and the Iconostasis

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Touring Various artifacts from the Church

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Hand-Beaded Aers for Tlingit Clergy

Fr. Michael Williams is the only Tlingit ever ordained as an Orthodox Priest.  He fell alseep in the Lord in 1994.  These Aers were made by Matshka Anna Wiliams for his ordination in 1972.  They are slightly damaged, but we hope to repair them so that they can be preserved for future generations.

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Images from the Historic American Building Survey, June 1989

In 1989, Jet Lowe photographed St Nicholas Orthodox Church for the U.S. National Park Service’s photos in this slideshow are from this 1989 session.  The temple’s interior has been modified today, but these photos show the interior as it looked then.  Photos courtesy of the U.S. Library of Congress, Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division.


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Sam McClain Collection

The Sam McClain Watercolors, painted in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s as a way to preserve Alaska’s threatened Orthodox Treasures, were donated to the Diocese of Alaska by Bruce Kendall.  St. Nicholas has been chosen to house and preserve this fantastic collection, and it is on display after Divine Liturgy every Sunday and on select weekdays.  Come and see!


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Russian Period History: Homilies from Southeast Alaska


Поучения Говоренныя в Новоархангельском Соборе на Острове Ситхе
  (Teachings Spoken in the New Arkhangelsk Cathedral on Sitka Island)
  by Bishop Peter (Ekaterinovsky) - published 1865 (1.5 MB)


Проповеди Преосвященнаго Николая, Епископа Алеутскаго и Аляскинскаго
  (Sermons of Right-Reverend Nicholas, Bishop of the Aleutians & Alaska)
  Alaskan selections: 1892-1894
  by Bishop Nicholas (Ziorov) - published 1897 (0.2 MB)

 • Американские Проповеди, с Приложением Пяти Посланий

  (American Sermons & Epistles)
  Alaskan selections: 1897-1898
  by Bishop Nicholas (Ziorov) - published 1902 (0.4 MB)

 • Святитель Тихон на Аляске: Четыре Проповеди

  (Saint Tikhon in Alaska: Four Sermons)
  Alaskan selections: 1899-1901
  by St. Tikhon (Bellavin) - published 1899, 1901 (0.2 MB)

Turn-of-the-Century History


Clerical News - St. Nicholas Church in Juneau, Alaska for 1916
by Fr. Andrew P. Kashevarof - typewritten 1917 (0.1 MB)

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