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September 2010 (Douglas Island in the background)
September 2010 (Douglas Island in the background)
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October 2016

Welcome to the website of St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Juneau, Alaska.  For over 120 years Saint Nicholas Church has been serving the Orthodox Christian faithful in Juneau and the surrounding areas.  We invite you to browse this site and share our joy, vision, and hope, all rooted in a firm faith in our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ.  If you are in Juneau, we invite you to join us each week as we worship the Holy Trinity in spirit and in truth!




Christ Is Born!  Let this truth enter into everything we do and say and attempt, and into all of our hopes and plans, and into all of our relationships.


Our Nativity Service Schedule is as follows...


1. Friday, December 22nd at 6 PM: Royal Hours of Nativity
2. Saturday, December 23rd at 6PM: Great Vespers as Normally Scheduled
3. Sunday, December 24th at 10 AM: Divine Liturgy as Normally Scheduled
4. Sunday, December 24th at 6 PM: Festal Great Vespers with Old Testament Readings and Litia with Artoklasia
5. Monday, December 25th at 10 AM: Festal Divine Liturgy of Saint Basil the Great for Nativity

Please remember that you can follow our Church on FaceBook, and know that there will be regular posts to strengthen and encourage you throughout the Church year.  You can cut and paste this link into your browser if it is helpful:





6:00 pm - Great Vespers

(Confession Following)



9:00 am - 6th and 9th Hours

10:00 am - Divine Liturgy



5:30 pm - Weekly Akathist

(Anointing of the Sick Following)


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