About Us


Our Bishops and Priests, in conjunction with the Parish council, are responsible for the administration of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church.


With over 125 years of History there is a lot to learn abut St. Nicholas. Did you know that, there were no Russians in Juneau during Colonial times and that our church was founded at the initiative of the local Tlingit population?

Liturgical Music

Since 2005, and at the suggestion of Fr. Eugene Tarris, Fr. Simeon and Matushka Beth have been setting and restoring sheet music for the Orthodox Church.

They have inherited the liturgical music collection of Fr. Eugene and Matushka Sonia Tarris and are in process of restoring it and modernizing the scores.

They have been been generous enough to  post their collection here.

The 1894 Club

Preserving our heritage

We need your help!  St. Nicholas is not only the oldest continually-functioning Orthodox Church building in Southeast Alaska, but also the last octagon shaped church  in the state.  

Our historic building is showing the signs of its more than 120 years of continuous use and preservation is a top priority.

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