Sheet Music for Great Compline

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Compline, while served commonly in monastic communities, is not served as often in parish life.  In the Russian tradition, Great Compline is served as part of the Vigils at Nativity and Theophany and then for the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete during Lent. 

Sheet music for the fixed portions of Great Compline is available here.

God is With Us

Intercessions after the Creed (the "all-Holies)

Penitential Troparia (Tone 6)

O Lord of Hosts

Complete Melody:

  • Valaam Chant (2 part) | .mp3
  • Kiev Chant (2 part) | .mp3

For Reader and Choir:

  1. Valaam Chant (2 part)
  2. Kiev Chant (2 Part)


Dismissal Hymns to the Theotokos

These hymns are not indigenous to the Russian Tradition. They are from the Antiochian/Byzantine Tradition. Due to their beauty, they have been set to music from the Slavic traditions and can be chanted after Great Compline while people venerate Icons and receive a blessing from the priest.

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