Sheet Music for Litanies

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Romanian Litanies

The Romanian Litany published by St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press has become very popular in the OCA. in 2008, Archpriest Joseph Hirsch at Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Denver, CO asked me to find and set some more Romanian melodies into English for the many Romanians attending the parish at that time. The Great and Little Litanies are available through St. Vladimir’s Seminary press and can be found in the “Green Book.”
Litany of Supplication (Grant this) midi .mp3
Augmented Litany – Tone 8, arr Lungu midi .mp3
Augmented Litany (modified beginning) – Tone 8, arr Lungu midi .mp3
Augmented Litany (Trio – abbreviated) – Tone 8, arr Lungu midi .mp3
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