Sheet Music From the Menaion

This page will focus on Liturgical Sheet music from the menaion, specializing in the North American Saints and in less common chant styles and melodies.  You will find Special Melodies, Valaam Chants, and North America’s indigenous chant form, Kuskokwim Chant. 

September 1 - Church New year (Indiction)

Communion Hymn at Liturgy

September 24 - All Saints of Alaska

On September 24, the Orthodox Church in America honors the memory of the arrival of the Russian Mission from Valaam in 1794 by celebrating the feast of the Alaskan Martyrs. 

In the Diocese of Alaska, the feast of the Martyrs Juvenaly and Peter has been “upgraded” to include all of the Alaskan Saints. The texts below are provided by the Diocese of Alaska and the sheet music is set to Kuskokwim River Chant and the appointed special melodies.

At Lord, I Call

At the Litya

The Litya stichera, being written in first person plural, did not require second settings tor you/your language

At the Aposticha

Troparion and Kontakion

October 6 - Glorification of Saint Innocent, Metropolitan of Moscow, Enlightener of the Aleuts, Apostle to the Americas

The links below will take you to sheet music for St. Innocent in Kuskokwim Chant. The texts used are courtesy of the Orthodox Church in America’s Department of Liturgical Music.

Settings have been prepared in both thee/thou and you/your language.  The Glory verses at Lord I call and the Aposticha are in the appropriate files.

At Lord, I Call

At the Litya

At the Aposticha

Troparia and Kontakia

Prokeimenon and Alleluia at Liturgy

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