Vespers Music

Sheet Music for Vespers in the Orthodox Church

The Octoechos, or Paraklitiki, contains the variable texts for Orthodox services in all 8 Tones. in most parishes, Saturday Evening is the most frequently served Vesperal service and the Octoechos texts as they are sung here in Juneau are available here:

Saturday Evening Octoechos - Obikhod Chant

Come, Let us Worship ...

Psalm 103

Pious custom in the Orthodox Church in America often has Psalm 103 sung at Great Vespers. The following settings are long enough to allow a priest to say the Prayers of Light while the psalm is sung by the choir.

Blessed is the Man

Gladsome Light

Watch for updates.

Evening Prokeimena, Saturday only

The Great Prokeimenon for Saturday Evening Vespers

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